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  1. Review: The Last Banquet

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    July 17, 2013 by markstani

    Jonathan Grimwood’s ‘The Last Banquet’ is a riotously delicious tale of life amid the crumbling nobility of mid-18th century France. Gorging on snake bouillabaisse, laying ladies-in-waiting and gallavanting off in search of extending the French colonial empire, it’s a fabulous feast for the senses. Click image for more

  2. Review: Tampa


    July 8, 2013 by markstani

    The sweetest taboo? Alissa Nutting’s Tampa confronts us with the disturbing tale of a sociopathic high school teacher who preys on fourteen-year-old boys. It’s a shockingly graphic, intensely thought-provoking novel, and probably the bravest thing you’ll read all year. Click image for more

  3. Reviews round-up


    July 1, 2013 by markstani

    Here’s a round-up of some of the best things I’ve been reading during my recent blog-break. It didn’t come any better than Andrei Makine’s ‘Brief Loves That Live Forever’, while Cormac McCarthy and William Gay also feature, plus an an e-book bargain in Scott McClanahan’s ‘Stories V’. Click image for more