Books Of The Year #4: Black Sky, Black Sea


December 17, 2012 by markstani

Review: Black Sky, Black Sea

Black Sky, Black Sea by Izzet Celasin (pub. MacLehose Press)

It says: The Byzantine aqueduct stretched from the outskirts of the residential neighbourhood near the central fire station, across the main boulevard, and arched down towards the back of the municipal theatre. Traffic flowed in four lanes through its still-sturdy arcades. Sarachane Square lay surrounded by the park of the same name, the historical ruins of the aqueduct, the Sehzade Mosque and the City Hall.

I say: This is a book that mocks preconceptions, unfurling into a zappy, racy, and above all extremely human story of urban guerrillas, and yet, for all its deceptive simplicity, one which begs fundamental questions about the very nature of revolution itself… ‘Black Sky, Black Sea’ is a superb, gripping book.


One thought on “Books Of The Year #4: Black Sky, Black Sea

  1. Tony says:

    I got a copy of this a while back, but it’s still sitting on the shelf – maybe next year…

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