Books Of The Year #9: Open Door

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December 1, 2011 by markstani

Iosi Havilio’s Open Door (pub. And Other Stories) is a bewildering, riveting, sexy book, which follows one young woman’s search for solitude deep in the Argentinian Pampas. The unnamed narrator pitches up in a small town overshadowed by its sprawling psychiatric hospital, where she meets a man who shares a name with his horse, and develops an obsession with a local girl. Havilio’s jagged, disconnected prose forces us to address the very notions of freedom and sanity. Read the full review here.

I’m walking with my head down, in search of new pine cones to kick, when I hear a timid hello close by. It’s Eloisa, the girl from the shop. Hi, I say, and her eyes dart all over the place. Under her arm, she’s carrying a rolled-up burlap bag. She’s wearing a buttoned blouse patterned with tiny bunches of flowers, yellow, red and white, rococo style, and a black bra, which is very see-through, making her diminutive tits more pronounced.

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