One Inch Wonders #23: The Sopranos

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September 3, 2011 by markstani

Prolific Scottish novelist Alan Warner might be better known for stuff like ‘Morvern Callar’ and his latest, ‘The Stars In The Bright Sky’. But in my opinion,The Sopranos, published by Jonathan Cape in 1998, is his best. It’s about a bunch of girls from Our Lady of Perpetual Succour School for Girls who aim to make the most of their bus trip to the big city for the finals of a national singing competition.

The Sopranos had been using the undoing of singular shirt buttons as forfeits in the sadly censored strip poker. Some sat wi their blazer and ties off, since Manda Tassy sat at the side window and was losing, she’d her buttons undone down to her belly button so’s you could see the little ribbon on the front clasp of her wonderbra.


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