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August 28, 2011 by markflux1

another bit from my new novel

Bobby Allan wasn’t a psycho or a dick. He never tried to pull our kegs off or spit on us. Not unless a girl he fancied was watching.

Bobby Allan was cool. He had long black hair down to his shoulders that we all tried to copy. He had a dangly ear-ring and a gold necklace.

Everyone hated Wayne’s brother and Kenny The Cormorant, but no-one hated Bobby Allan. If he wasn’t with the others he’d let you go up and talk to him. Once Wayne got him to give him a kroggy down the high street. He got him to go dead slow past Holly Hewlett’s house so she saw. Even the old fogeys loved Bobby Allan. He waved at them and after he rode by the old fogeys always said, what a lovely lad, it’s a shame he keeps bad company.

Wayne’s brother was the toughest so he was in charge, but Bobby Allan was best at scrambling. He was even better than Fat Gavin’s cousin who came to stay with him once and who had been on Junior Kick Start. Wayne’s brother wished Bobby Allan wasn’t in the Outlaws but he couldn’t chuck him out. If he chucked him out there’d only be him and Kenny The Cormorant, and they wouldn’t be called the Outlaws, they’d be called the Dicks.

All the girls fancied Bobby Allan. If Samantha Fox or Debee Ashby or Dolly Parton saw him, they’d fancy him too. He sat on top of the war memorial steps. If you were an Outlaw or a girl the Outlaws fancied, you got to sit on the steps. We had to sit near the railings. Once, Bobby Allan was chucking fags around and we got one. We went to the car park woods and smoked it.

One night, Bobby Allan rode up on his scramble bike with Frog Eyes on the back. It was a new bike. It was black and silver. Bobby Allan said it was death and lightning. Everyone said it was the best scramble bike they’d ever seen in real-life. It was even better than Fat Gavin’s cousin’s.

The only one who didn’t think it was the best bike he’d ever seen was Wayne’s brother. Wayne’s brother said it was a piece of shit and it didn’t prove nothing. He meant about who the best rider was.

Bobby Allan just laughed and parked his bike and started snogging with Frog Eyes. She was called Frog Eyes cos she had big buggy-out eyes. Her real name was Debbie. Wayne’s brother used to go out with Frog Eyes but she dumped him. Wayne said she used to stay round at his house. He said he’d seen her in her bra and knickers. He said they were pink and frilly. We didn’t believe him.

Bobby Allan opened a beer and drank some, then him and Frog Eyes started doing Frenchies. Frenchies are when you put your tongues in each other’s mouths and wiggle them round. Wayne’s brother was sat near them. He was gobbing in the bushes. Then he gobbed at Bobby Allan’s new bike. A great big greenie globbed down the petrol tank. It was shiny in the street lights. Bobby Allan stopped doing a Frenchie with Frog Eyes. He said, what the fuck did you do that for.

We thought there was going to be a fight. Wayne’s brother was bigger but just because he was bigger didn’t mean he’d win. King Kong Kirk is the biggest wrestler, but he doesn’t always win cos the smaller ones keep running round making him dizzy. Or they get Big Daddy to be their tag team partner. Bobby Allan couldn’t get Big Daddy to be his tag team partner, but he could still win.

Wayne’s brother said he’d race Bobby Allan up at the quarry and the loser had to leave the Outlaws. He said, along the ridge.

The ridge was a bit of track between the woods and the edge of the cliff. Over the edge it was a sheer drop down in the quarry. If you fell down it you’d definitely die, unless you were Vesna Vulovic. Vesna Vulovic is in the Guinness Book of Records. She fell out of an aeroplane when it was six miles up in the sky, but she was all right apart from breaking her legs.


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