One Inch Wonders #19: Fierce People

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August 10, 2011 by markstani

Dirk Wittenborn’s ‘Fierce People’ (pub. Bloomsbury, 2002) is a tale of what happens when a normal coming-of-age kid gets thrust among the dysfunctional realms of the super-rich. It’s sexy, funny and bleak, and highly recommended.

I looked for those five rich kids every day. Each night I went to bed without seeing them, I became more and more certain that contact was an impossibility; acceptance, a pipe dream. The idea that I would never find out how Maya got her scar, or ride in the skinny kid’s Porsche, or see just how big Amanda’s hydrocephalic sister’s head was, or meet Bryce, who dated a Nigerian princess named Coco, made me feel like a total loser.


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