One Inch Wonders #9: Vernon God Little

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July 4, 2011 by markstani

I don’t get all those polls that rated ‘Vernon God Little’ the book folk were least likely to finish. To me, it blew a cyclone through the Booker Prize when it won it in 2003. The Prize hasn’t looked back since. DBC’s two follow-up novels, ‘Ludmila’s Broken English’ and ‘Lights Out In Wonderland’ make ‘Vernon..’ seem positively sane by comparison. But it’s a crazy, spectacular debut. ‘Like Huck Finn tanked up on six-packs’ said the Independent. Too right.

I lay on the bunk and imagine this tune playing at a Greyhound terminal. In the TV-movie of my life, I’d be the crusty, mixed-up kid, all rugged and lonely, older than my years; dragging long shadows to hop a bus out of town, a bus with Mexico written on it.

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