One Inch Wonders #6: Naked Pueblo

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June 22, 2011 by markstani

No apologies, but there’s a little broad-mindedness required for this one: it’s the opening of ‘Before The Barbeque Hoedown’, from the 1999 short story collection Naked Pueblo by Mark Poirier (Bloomsbury). They’re great, grimy slices of off-beat realism from the American West. Julie Burchill, no less, called this collection “shatteringly brilliant”. Poirier did other things: more collections of shorts plus a couple of novels, ‘Goats’ and ‘Modern Ranch Living’. They’re all well worth checking out.

She was called Jackpot because when she was born, sixty-one cents’ worth of coins slid out of her mother’s cooch along with her. A dime was stuck to her forehead, a penny to her right knee. Her mother, Lisbiana, had been a stripper at the Spare Bar in Agua Prieta, where her specialty was making change.


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