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March 9, 2011 by markstani

Tim Tomashek with George Foreman, with whom he fought an exhibition. This is the only photo of Tomashek I could find, in spite of his world title shot.

Tim Tomashek was probably the worst guy ever to fight for a world heavyweight title. But then, you can hardly blame him if he seemed unprepared. Tomashek took a bout against WBO champion Tommy Morrison in 1993 at one hour’s notice. Tomashek had been sitting in the crowd in the Kemper Arena in Kansas City expecting to see Morrison defend against Mike Williams. Nicknamed ‘Doughboy’, Tomashek had a 36-10 record on the Kansas club circuit, with one no contest. When Williams pulled out, the matchmaker spotted Tomashek in the crowd. Legend has it he had a beer in one hand and a hotdog in the other. Tomashek, a fork-lift truck driver, said, ‘I thought it was a joke at first. I said, oh, I might as well.’ Tomashek added: ‘The best thing about fighting Morrison was not having to wait in line to get tickets.’ Tomashek performed creditably in the circumstances, losing by fourth round stoppage. The crowd pelted the ring with ice cubes. The WBO tried unsuccessfully to un-sanction the fight. Morrison said, ‘I didn’t know I was fighting whatsisname till I got out there.’ Tomashek headed back to his next fork-lift shift via a guest slot on Letterman. He fought small halls in the mid-west for three more years before retiring in 1996. He never came close to fighting for a world title again. But because of the night he got lucky in the bleachers, Tomashek’s name will stay in the record books with the best of them.


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