Last Meals

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February 24, 2011 by markflux1

Sammie Felder Jr

Executed: December 15 1999

Last meal: One pound of chitterlings, ten pieces of fried chicken (dark meat), ten pieces of bacon, one raw onion, fifteen pieces of fried shrimp, peach cobbler, and one pitcher of whole milk.

Delbert Boyd Teague Jr

Executed: September 9 1998

Last meal: Requested no last meal. At the last minute, he decided to eat a hamburger at his mother’s request.

Ruben Montoya Cantu

Executed: August 24 1993

Last meal: Barbeque chicken, refried beans, brown rice, sweet tea, and bubble gum (bubble gum is not permitted under TDCJ regulations).

Jeffery Alan Barney

Executed: April 16 1986

Last meal: Two boxes of Frosted Flakes and one pint of milk.

Gerald Wayne Tigner Jr

Executed: March 7 2002

Last meal: Fried chicken, french fries, ketchup, two cheeseburgers all the way, a bag of potato chips, apple cobbler, white cake with white icing, a pitcher of lemonade, a pitcher of Sprite.

Jessel Turner

Executed: September 22 1997

Last meal: Declined last meal.

(from Texas Death Row, Penguin 2008)


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