Ghostface Killah

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December 28, 2010 by markstani

I kind of thought I’d grown out of gangsta rap, but Ghostface Killah’s new album Apollo Kids has changed all that. It’s ten years since his seminal Supreme Clientele and a whole bunch of recordings have passed through since. They’ve sent Ghostface from the periphery of the Wu-Tang Clan to solo centre stage. But apart from occasional bits I’d pretty much lost track. Maybe I grew tired of the way the whole hip-hop genre had evolved away in the direction of lighter, more R&B-influenced MCs. Apollo Kids is largely free of experimentation and filler and that’s a good thing. There’s a whole lot of hip-hop albums that fall down due to trying to be too clever. This is Ghostface doing what he does best – hardcore, fast-paced, big beat rapping. It blows away the Christmas cobwebs. It’s one of my albums of the year. All we need now is the remaining members of NWA to reform, and gangsta rap’s redemption will be complete.


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