Little Hands Of Stone

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December 17, 2010 by markstani

The first pro fight I ever saw was a domestic flyweight epic between Ricky Beard and Darren Fifield at York Hall in 1995. Beard, the underdog, won a mini-war by eighth round knockout. Since then I’ve been fascinated by boxing’s little men. When they find the punch to match the speed there’s seldom better. Michael Carbajal and Humberto Gonzalez were two of the first to break through to the pay-per-view big-time. Their first fight in 1993 was a true classic. It was also the first light-fly fight to gross more than one million dollars. Carbajal – ‘Little Hands Of Stone’ – twice climbed off the floor before winning by seventh round knockout. The pair were elected to the Hall Of Fame together in 2006. Carbajal still lives on the same street he grew up on in Phoenix, Arizona. There is a fascinating 2006 piece about him here. Gonzalez is a part-time butcher in Mexico City. Beard didn’t win again after beating Fifield. He lost his next six fights before retiring. He did court a kind of fame as the debut pro opponent for Naseem Hamed. Fifield fought once more after his loss to Beard, a points win over Shaun Norman.

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