Ode To _______

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October 17, 2010 by markstani

This is a great poem. It’s from a collection called Redneck Poems by Rusty Barnes. The collection is free and downloadable here

Tony little girls in slim skirts
never really appealed; give
me bluesgals with high stock-
ings and lovely round thighs
at two ayem in a stripmall
parking lot in Modesto CA
where we’ve been tattooed
by Jimmy with the lobe-
stretchers and those cool
blue eyes who parted your
legs with more patience
than I’d have given another
situation. Yeah, boy.

A woman I barely know called
me cowboy tonight. I auto-denied
it; but she’s right. Nothing I’d like
better than a woman in a sunset
scene straddling a fence: the old
black and white version. That’s
the way you tell old cowboy
movies from the new: In the old
ones cowboys kiss the girl
and ride the horse into the setting
sun. And in a new one—they get
poor quality tatts in Modesto.

Fuck it. I can’t listen when you
chew my ear. I don’t have a horse
but you can ride with me. Somewhere
at the end of the line I’ll carry you
across the threshold of a sideroad
motel and kiss you into next Tuesday.
Just don’t take off that garter belt


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