Lights of Taco Bell

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September 11, 2009 by markstani

‘Think outside the bun’
says the neon sign slung
above the drive-thru window
she checks her nails,
flicks back her hair
and leans out for a pick-up
streaked with far-off dirt,
spots of sun on leather seats,
screwed-up breakfast wrappers and
a fading sticker on the dash –
‘Cheyenne Frontier Days 1993’.
A checkered sleeve, a fist of bucks,
a chilli cheese burrito, a false smile,
a ‘have a nice day’
it’s what she’s learned to say to men
who eye her breasts like double-scoop dessert –
she straightens, checks her nails again,
surveys the empty parking lot,
then from the lights of Taco Bell
she watches as the pick-up specks
to dust across the open plain
and wonders which ends first –
utility poles, or Interstate?


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